The stock market was designed and built under the auspices of GCE Turk Capital. Its purpose is to organize jobs in the field of commodity production and related brokers. The existing economic system among countries such as Turkey, UAE, Russia, etc. has caused a large group of people to turn to the broker system. This can lead the structure of manufacturing businesses to the black market.

GCE Turk experts, by examining the market needs in the field of employment, succeeded in designing a platform in the form of a website in order to organize the brokerage system and production supply. Please note that this platform does not mean the elimination of the brokerage system. Rather, we are trying to realize the existing orders in the brokerage system.

GCE Turk is not allowed to enter traders in accordance with its mission, and the Stoke Market platform has been created with the aim of being able to introduce real orders and communicate directly with activists in this sector.

Within the framework of the GCE document and vision, revenue from Stoke Market services is spent on business creation and development in accordance with the World Labor Organization program. According to the program, education, talent identification, job creation and business development from the needy are on the agenda.

The stock market has no geographical borders and its use is free for all countries.

Stoke Market site activists in the brokerage system are the drivers of the production system and its strengthening. Therefore, in the context of protectionist policy, brokers are covered by life insurance after valuing the GCE Turk capital source.