Following the latest correspondence with Coin Gecko, the project intends to strengthen its resources in one of the following ways. Please participate in this survey and let us know what users want:
Share of 2022 resources injected in Liquidity: 114000000 GCE
Resources distributed to users: 85000000 GCE
Resources remaining in Liquidity: 29,000,000 GCE

According to the above report, the project has completed its token distribution cap in 2022. Therefore, in order to provide its liquidity resources up to 7% of the expected volume of Coin Gecko, it can take two ways:

  1. Using the share of 2023 and injecting it into liquidity: this method will cause a sharp drop in the value of the token. In such a way that the price of the token is expected to lose 75% of its daily value.
  2. Users’ participation in providing liquidity: In this method, it is enough for each user to place his token in the liquidity section of Pancake Swap by referring to his wallet address. Ownership of tokens is still in the hands of users independently and they can withdraw their balance from Liquidity Pancake Swap at any time.

In case of using the second method, the project should increase the value of the token on a daily basis and up to 4% of the capital value of GCE in order to protect the capital of users and manage its liquidity resources, so that users can be listed in Coin Gecko. and CoinMarketCap to offer their tokens at higher prices.
Oscillating in this way is not justified in any way, and on average, each oscillator user has access to only 200 dollars of resources.

Coin Gecko announced on 20.07.2022 that for GCE listing, the project must increase its liquidity and according to Coin Gecko’s announcement, the date of reconsideration of our application will be 04.08.2022.

Please express your opinion in choosing one of the above methods. If there is no response and users are not welcome to participate, this project will put the first method on its agenda. And in order to control its resources until 06.2023, it will stop any increase in token value in order to manage its obligations to users.