In response to the question of the users about the fate of the GCETurk project, the lawyer of the GCETurk project announced that the GCE project has spent 180000 euros since its inception and if the VinDAX exchange corrects the GCE resources. If he doesn’t, the claim for damages will be submitted to the Turkish court after the legal deadline.
Pointing out that according to the law, Ariaking Company has a deadline of 15 days to announce the final result of negotiations with VinDAX Exchange, he said: If no compromise is made according to Ariaking’s contract with VinDAX Exchange, it is expected that VinDAX Exchange will be accused of paying compensation. 800,000 euros to Turkey. This amount includes receiving project damages, government rights and crimes, and taxes related to it.
The lawyer of the GCE project announced that the police report confirmed the contamination of the links sent and according to the mechanism of the exchange and the existence of related documents, the violation of the exchange in this case is obvious.
He added, however, documents have been provided by Ariaking. These documents have been reviewed and approved by official experts and currently, Ariaking Company has been given a deadline until 10.09.2022 to submit its compromise report with the Windex exchange, and if no compromise is reached, the case will officially proceed in the court. .