What do you expect from a good platform? With the support of digital currencies, GCETURK BOT gives you creativity in revenue.

– Minimum withdrawal from wallet by bank or digital currency: $ 50
– Minimum withdrawal of income in the form of GCE tokens: No Limited (GCE tokens are listed in 1inch and Pancacksawp exchanges.)
– Minimum wallet withdrawal in the form of transfer with other accounts: no Limited
– you can do Airdrop
– you can rent miner
– and you can Earn free money by:

1. View Ads: 5 Cent or one GCE token / per ad per day
2. Account Registration: $ 5
3. Send referral or invite friends: 2 cents per user visit / 10 cents per user registration
4. User purchase through your affiliate link: 1%
5. View products by the user through your affiliate link: 2 cents

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Not: Reklamları kullanma sorumluluğu müşteriye ve reklam sahibine aittir.

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