Out of a total of 270 content provided by users in the field of employment, the Turkish GCE team succeeded in extracting data and analyzing the employment needs assessment in Turkey and implemented its first business platform for service jobs. The purpose of providing this platform:

  1. Help develop the employment of restaurants and cafes
  2. Creating free employment for foreign nationals by observing the labor law and organizing services in Turkey

The costs of building the platform are covered by GCE Turk. Activists on this platform cover ordering services as a group without interfering in the policies of the Hey Burger restaurant chain.
Use of this platform with the aim of creating and developing employment is free for everyone and does not require investment, and job seekers on this website only pay for registration services or changes in the profile of services.

GCE Turk offers the platforms offered by users with their desired name and brand. Applicants can submit their application at the Support contact link.

This restaurant platform has a structure similar to other programs. But the features that make it stand out are the easy access of the users and the equipped translator system. Users can place their order in any language. But the customer’s order is accepted in the original language.
Job seekers on this site act as an ordering agent. Proceeds from the activity are entirely allocated to the activists themselves and are only required to pay for the services when registering or requesting a change.