GCE Turk Grand Festival


1000 $ = BNB

The GCE Turk project is trying to reward its active users in dollars to celebrate the big listing in CoinMarketCap. Therefore, users who can earn $ 10 through the following links will be rewarded with $ 1,000 without any restrictions on the day of listing on the CoinMarketCap. Using the following applications and programs is free and does not require a deposit or investment.

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The applications are programmed based on bitcoin click revenue, bitcoin cache and light coin. You can install one or all three programs.
Register Apps
Register in the application and follow the application guide to roll or view the ad. To collect your points based on the desired coin. Your username must be the same as the username you registered on our site.
Get Income
Receive your dollar income in the specific courses listed in the app.
Send your payment history
Send payment records in the application as a shot screen to us and to the Telegram address: @Gceturk
Payment Rewards
Each app that shows revenue above $ 10 by the deadline will be awarded $ 1,000. This reward is paid in BNB digital currency and from the project capital.