The project aims to create an outstanding research hub, with the mission of identifying, cultivating and commercializing the idea. In addition to its complementary measures, the center has created a competitive advantage over science and technology parks: Covering capital protections for the products of the idea in the form of establishing economic enterprises. and Utilization of welfare and tourism capacities in the services of the center, with the aim of strengthening the scientific tourism industry
GLOBAL CAPITAL ENGINEERING The New Model of Crypto-Currency Business

The GCE project is an idea based on business capital management. In this project, users can use cryptocurrency services, bank transfers, and credit card services of MasterCard

Legally Compliant

This project has been designed and developed with legal support and investment advice, and the rights of business owners have been protected by AriaKing Company within the framework of legal obligations

Warning: The Token platform for GCE provides access levels for users anywhere in the world. Therefore, the obligation to comply with international monetary and banking laws is provided in the structure of this site

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By implementing data security systems, the rules of protection of information and identity of users in this site have been observed. Only legal authorities can access this information
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Easy process structures in the financial exchange system, technical support management and the possibility of direct communication with the administrative, legal and consulting structures of the supporting companies are the tools to strengthen the credibility of this site

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Take control of your credit and crypto-currency

The structure of this project is such that users can raise their capital in the following ways

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