Immigration can bring foreign capital into a country in a directed way. But if not properly planned, it can divert capital resources from the country. The existence of legal restrictions on the employment of immigrants can provide the necessary basis for black jobs. Undeclared work is defined as any unlicensed brokerage activity known as the scourge of a country’s capital production. The loss of tax opportunities and the general tendency for wealth to circulate in the form of banknotes and outside the banking network and the destruction of production incentives due to the creation of intermediary chains are only a small part of the waste of capital production. By creating foreign exchange capital support, the GCE provides the necessary conditions for organizing and generating immigrants. The mission is designed as the first action in the framework of the UN priority, which will be implemented after the approval of Coin Market Cap for immigrants and asylum seekers. With the implementation of this plan, the phenomenon of migration and especially asylum will be considered as a new opportunity to create capital for countries. In such a way that the confrontational policies of countries against it change in the direction of maximum interests.