The GCE project, following the completion of its implementation phases in the formation of a market network for production and service actors, created its own marketplace.
This market network is equipped with a translator robot. So users from any country and nationality can create their own store in the language of their own country. Buyers and recipients of services can easily use the site environment by choosing the site language.
The network is also equipped with an intelligent marketing system. Therefore, users can publish advertisements and business pages on the site in order to earn money from advertising and sales commissions. Payments are smart and instant.
GCE Digital Currency Market Capital is backed by capital. Financial transactions in this network are facilitated for buyers and sellers, and users can receive their income in the fastest time. It is also the basis for storing the wallets of GCE digital currency users. Therefore, in accordance with the trend of currency markets and their fluctuations, users can benefit from the added value of their capital.
In order to comply with the laws and monetary policy of the countries, until the GCE is listed in the Coin Market Cap, providing online store construction services for business owners is free.