Executive plans after the approval of the coin market cap and Coin Gecko
Executive plans are of particular importance at this stage. Because it affects the activity of buying and selling tokens. Therefore, the following actions need to be taken:

  1. Transfer of project capital share in accordance with the roadmap schedule to centralized and decentralized exchanges in order to secure users’ capital share.
  2. Attract human resources in the field of research and development with the aim of commercializing ideas
  3. Consultation with universities and funding of research
  4. Financing the creation of business resulting from the commercialization of ideas
  5. Financing the conversion of unproductive businesses to productive services (completion of the study phase of unproductive jobs)
  6. Organizing a centralized employment and insurance and welfare system for activists in the GCE project
  7. Establishment of in-service retraining and training system for GCE project activists with the aim of standardizing services