Evaluation criteria of tokens

With the Evaluation criteria of tokens, we show users the risk level of token resources. We have a duty to monitor the status of tokens with investment conditions and tell users which token has high or low risk. However, we cannot guarantee that a token is risk-free. Because entering the cryptocurrency market has high risks. Read our evaluation criteria and then start investing.

The main requirements of blockchain:
1. A token must have an official site and its domain must be created under an independent server.
2. Have an official email under the domain of the site.
3. Have social networks with a focus on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
4. Have a white paper document. This document should clearly present the objectives of the project.
5. The project team should be clear and each of them should have a dedicated link under the social network.
6. Token sources must be listed in at least one of the centralized or decentralized exchanges.
7. It has a road map so that users can see the location of the project.
8. The smart contract must be under the blockchain and be owned by the requester. We do not list resources that have shared smart contracts or mintnet.

Action indicators:
1. Exchange activity: We evaluate the amount of exchanges and the number of holders in one of the centralized or decentralized exchanges.
2. The number of days the token is in our list. This indicator shows how much a token strives for its durability.

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