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Global capital consists of individual ideas for employment development. The fee resulting from the financial transaction of this token is to be provided to the World Capital Engineering Center in order to realize employment development programs. This program includes all processes resulting from training, research and services. Use of the Employment Development Center is free for everyone.



GCE Smart Business Platform Market: Equipped with intelligent marketing system and commission management


Idea Funding: We help turn your idea into a product using project facilities and services.



Creating Businesses: We support the results of your idea and create an industrial product line for your innovative product.



Monetary and banking services: We cover monetary and banking financial services required by innovative businesses.



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The GCE project is a financial capital distribution program in the form of currency tokens with the BEP-20 platform and under the BNB smart chain. The goal of the GCE is to create a network of employment development, education and research for the general public from the revenue of transaction fees in centralized and decentralized exchanges. Users can start their own business by getting services, getting paid, and participating in the commercialization of ideas. Use of the employment development program is free for users. GCE covers the capital required by users in the field of centralized and decentralized exchanges.

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Public Sale of GCE on VinDAX
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By implementing data security systems, the rules of protection of information and identity of users in this site have been observed. Only legal authorities can access this information
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Easy process structures in the financial exchange system, technical support management and the possibility of direct communication with the administrative, legal and consulting structures of the supporting companies are the tools to strengthen the credibility of this site
F AQ s

What is GCE Finance & Crypto

The GCE project is a capital management and currency code project. You can manage your capital under banking, credit and digital currencies and also develop your business in the form of currency tokens. The GCE token was created with BNB support

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase

Users can use currency codes such as BTC, BNB, ETH to buy GCE along with payment through bank account

How can I participate in the GCE sale
Users can transfer capital in their account from account to account or convert their GCE balance into bank currency or digital currencies by  requesting withdrawal from the account

How do I benefit from the GCE Token
You can withdraw your balance in this currency by selecting GCE token in the withdrawal section. You can also purchase tokens off-site through Bumberley or Uni Swap sites

Which of us ever undertakes laborious
The active working group in the field of GCE consists of specialized groups of financial management, executive management, IT team and market and capital analysis experts

Who can not use GCE
The GCE project is designed for use by those who are active in various ways in the field of business. Its use for money laundering purposes and any action affecting it that is contrary to the regulatory laws of countries is prohibited

When did the project culminate
The GCE project in Saz 2020 officially started after the completion of its study phase, and after the correction and legal implementation stages, it officially started its activity in June 2021

GCE advised her not to do
Any non-transparent exchange and transfer of capital from account to account can put your capital at risk